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Recent sounds.

Make of them what you will.



Inside Out - Kurt Riemann

The inside of a Steinway Model D at half speed.

Will SamBox Dream - Kurt Riemann

Composed in 1991 on the CCRMA SamBox system using the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language (SAIL) two weeks before it was turned off forever.

Circumstances 5 - Kurt Riemann

Real-time Choral improvisation,

The Perplexity Of Our Natures - Kurt Riemann

THE PERPLEXITY OF OUR NATURES was composed as an accompaniment to a monologue describing travelling across Alaska and arriving in a city where a hotel is the basis for a further narrative on the nature of our attention. The script is not used here as it served as the foil for this composition to emerge. This is a three minute edit of a seven minute piece.

Created with audio samples of obscure electronic and acoustic instruments, some nearly broken. The sound is always on the verge of collapse and that edge is purposefully touched to create musical corrosion.


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