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My most successful compositions have a story, sometimes unspoken, often using the music and the machinery of the composition to self-reference itself in a larger philosophical picture.

I utilize recordings, found sound, and both analog and digital sound generation to create the soundscapes within which ideas emerge. Inside the composition the sounds and music may exist at different altitudes or distances, using space and time as an expressive tool. I explore what musical art does to our senses when preconceptions are subtly subverted. Sounds as they originally exist are twisted into forms that are open to new interpretation.

A painting is static, but sound and music must be experienced through time. After that, it can be felt wholly as a recollection of an internal experience. I am moved by an endless curiosity about what sound means when stripped from the attachments we have to the source. Because sound does mean something, and purely invented sounds can provide clarity about how we decipher reality and what we commonly share.

When an inspiration or insight comes to any artist, they are driven to try to recreate that experience in the audience first using tools that provide us with a vocabulary of expression. Using sound as the art, we propel the experience through measured time to the listener. We lead a journey through sound to a place that is beyond words, using sounds as metaphors.

Sound becomes a co-incident narrative of a real-time experience. Some may find something interesting at the surface of the sound while others will be able to look through the cracks and spaces to find previously unnoticed motives. The intention of the artist inhabits the work they create. That these devices are possible drives my curiosity, and using those sonic tools spurs my creativity.

As technology has changed, so have my tools and focus. As a lifelong electronic musician I am infinitely lucky that what was once an obscure form has found a place in serious art.

I have always been interested in what a recording sounds like backwards or forwards. And how minds decipher reality when reality itself is transformed and what that brings to our shared experience. I’m transported by those moments and constantly seek how to impart these feelings to others.

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